Workers installing photovoltaic panels at height

Building access in practice - a course

Construction Access applies to courses for various industries: 

  • construction, 
  • roofing, 
  • energetic, 
  • telecommunications, 
  • photovoltaics. 

For whom the course is intended

Construction scaffolder

Construction access is for people who work at great heights. Various safety features are required. Training is offered for people who want to improve their qualifications. Both practical and theoretical classes are provided. Building access involves working with platforms, scaffolding, ladders or hoists. Courses on working at height will also be useful for those moving on structures such as poles, masts or trusses. Work at a height can be discussed from 1 m onwards. At 2 m, personal protective equipment must be used. Courses in building access are offered primarily for fitters, maintenance workers, photovoltaic panel installers, roofers, mobile phone workers, general construction workers, workers in the energy area and others. 

What will you learn from the training? 

  • types of threat, 
  • safety assessment skills, 
  • workstation organisation, 
  • working at height, 
  • personal protective equipment, 
  • causes of accidents. 
Height protection on site

After completing the training, the trainee receives a certificate that is recognized both in Poland and abroad. To subscribe to altitude course from the area of construction access, the following requirements must be met: 

  • Completed 18 years of age; 
  • Physical fitness; 
  • Primary education; 
  • Occupational physician examinations. 

Completing training at height in the field of construction access is certainly very beneficial. The industry is developing very fast and employees can count on high remuneration. Industrial mountaineering trainings prepare you for work both in Poland and abroad. It is therefore worth investing in yourself and focusing on building access in theory and practice.  

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