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Installation and maintenance of optical fibers

How to assemble and maintain optical fibers?

Currently, the demand for the amount of data transferred and the speed of the network continues to increase. This, in turn, means that service providers are doomed to the constant development of their infrastructure. Optical fibers play a key role today due to the speed of data transfer, which is why an increasing scope of welding works is related to this technology. What tools do you need to be able to start assembling optical fibers?


fiber optic splicer

First of all, the most important tool for such work is a fiber optic fusion splicer. This device is slightly different from other welding machines. Welding of optical fibers requires high precision, two previously prepared ends of the fiber to be joined are placed in the fiber optic splicer. An electric arc inside the device melts both ends while centering them. In this way, an accurate weld is ensured, which ensures the functionality of welding the optical fibers.

Strippery, Slittery, Cleavery  

To put two separate ends in the welding machine, you must first cut them properly. In the process of welding optical fibers, the key is to prepare the cables in the right way in advance. This requires simple and precise cuts. Therefore, specialized tools are used for this. Strippers, slitters, cleavers and kevlar scissors are just some of them. Precision also plays a key role in the preparation itself for fiber welding. Otherwise, outliers and inaccurately trimmed elements cause serious problems in data transmission.

Fiber optic inspection  

optical fiber maintenance tools

Contamination of optical networks is the second reason for data transmission problems, right after inaccurate mounting. Therefore, if someone is getting ready to weld fiber optics, it's also a good idea to prepare for maintenance. For this, you also need the right tools. The most important of them are:

  • Inspection microscope, allowing for a detailed analysis of the cleanliness of the joint
  • Cleaner for fiber optic connectors
  • Cleaning tape, used for the maintenance of cable ends.

In addition, remember about the appropriate degreasing and dirt removal agent. Before welding the optical fibers or installing a link, the cables must first be properly cleaned so that dirt does not cause problems with data transmission. Isopropyl alcohol, specially formulated for maintenance, is best suited for this. It removes dirt and degreases cables, while it evaporates quickly and leaves no traces.

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