Health and safety training for people performing hazardous work

When starting work in a new place, the employee should move on OSH training (health and safety at work). This is very important training, especially in companies where work defined as hazardous is carried out. Depending on the occupation, the topics of such training may vary. For information on why health and safety training is necessary and what types of training there are, see this article.


Who needs to undergo health and safety training?

Every employee should take a course in health and safety at work, regardless of the type of work performed. It is the employer's obligation to train employees employed even for the purpose of training for a specific job, as well as apprentices. The employer himself is also subject to health and safety training.

Purpose and program of the courses

Occupational health and safety training for people performing hazardous work is aimed at familiarizing employees with the risks associated with their work as well as with legal and organizational requirements. An important aspect is the acquisition of the ability to assess threats and the ability to use equipment and means of protection, as well as others. During the training, authentic events that took place during the performance of a given type of work are discussed. Much emphasis is also placed on the issue of first aid to the injured.


Kinds of training and their forms

Among the health and safety training, we can distinguish initial and periodic training.

Initial training are carried out in the form of general instruction and workplace instruction.

  • While general instruction participants will learn about the basic health and safety regulations set out in the Labor Code, collective labor agreements, as well as in work regulations. They are also provided with separate information on maintaining safety in a given place, resulting from its supply, size or activities performed there.
  • In case of on-the-job training the participant gets acquainted with the factors of the working environment occurring in a given position and the risks related to the work performed. Learns how to protect against threats and methods of safe work in a given profession.

Periodic training are conducted to update employees on the health and safety knowledge and skills that apply to the job. The first periodic training for employees in managerial positions must be carried out within six months of starting work, and for those in working positions within 12 months. Subsequent such courses for those carrying out particularly hazardous work should be carried out in the form of instruction at least once a year.

How can we help you?

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