First aid

First aid skills are extremely important. We never know when we might need it, and given correctly it can save someone's life. Being a little super hero is really cool! The most important thing is to do it correctly, because poorly administered first aid can put lives in even greater dangerRead more "

A building on fire

Fire protection - what it is and what regulations define it

The principles of fire protection (FPI) are a set of necessary guidelines in the event of a fire outbreak in the workplace. It consists of the inability to fight a fire as well as a properly conducted evacuation. Knowledge of this knowledge avoids damage to health or even loss of life. It is therefore crucial to be trained in this area. In every workplaceRead more "

Training participants

OHS training - periodic and initial

Knowledge of health and safety regulations is one of the most important things in any workplace. These rules are passed on during two types of employee training. We distinguish between: Initial training is compulsory for every employee before he or she starts working on the job. Failure to attend the training risks financial consequences. Such training covers general issues related to Read more "

Plasma torch welder

Cutting with oxy-acetylene torch and plasma torch

Today, the tool market offers a wide selection of various welding machines and torches. Thanks to this, when preparing for work, you can choose a tool specially tailored to the needs and requirements of the material. Depending on the welding methods used for work, the appropriate type of burner should be selected. Bad choice in this case mayRead more »

Basic information about compressors.

A compressor is a device whose main purpose is to increase air pressure. The entire work process of the compressor is focused on energy conversion. In the first stage, electrical energy from the grid is converted into kinetic energy of the shaft movement that drives the compressor block. In the second stage, this energy is converted into compressed gas energy in connection with Read more »

Health and safety training for people performing hazardous work

When starting work in a new place, an employee should undergo health and safety training (occupational health and safety). It is a very important training, especially in companies where work is performed that is defined as dangerous. Depending on the profession, the subject of such training may vary. Information on what it is necessary to undergo health and safety training and which Read more »

Construction of a forklift

Forklifts are wheeled motor vehicles commonly used in many industries around the world. They have their place not only in halls and warehouses, but also in production plants and farms. What makes a forklift truck different and who can operate it? A lorry trolley, colloquially referred to as simplyRead more »

What is welding and what does it consist of?

Welding in its simplest terms is the joining of materials by heating and melting them at the point of joining with or without the addition of a filler metal. The high temperatures required for welding usually come from the welding arc or from gas welding. Welding is, despite appearances to the contrary, a broad field that is distinguished by techniques such as electric resistance weldingRead more "

hanging platform next to a glass skyscraper

Types of mobile platforms and their use

What are mobile platforms? Mobile platforms are crane-type construction machines used to move people and materials to a specific workstation, both vertically and horizontally. In common parlance, they are also known as a "basket" and also as a "lift". Applications Mobile platforms are used primarily in the construction, service or Read more "

What is migomat welding?

Welding with the MIG and MAG method

MIG / MAG welding is currently the most popular method of industrial welding. It is estimated that approx. 65% of the entire welding market is the work done in this way. Due to its universal nature, this method is used in most industries related to welding. What is MIG / MAG welding? The MIG / MAG method is divided into two types - Read more »

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