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Pipe welding machine - types and application

Pipe welding machine - types and application 

types of welding machines

Welding is a technique for joining metals or plastics. Welding is a method used, for example, in hydraulic repairs. Plumbing work with a welding machine is not too complicated. The welding machines differ from each other. Some are simpler, others are more advanced. There are PP, PE and PEX welders. 

The power of a good machine must not be less than 1000 watts. It is worth buying a welder with a higher wattage, but the downside is the electricity charge. For amateur welding, a lower wattage is sufficient. The dies, i.e. the heating caps, are important. The most commonly used diameters range from 16 to 40 mm.  

Types of pipe welding machines: 

  • butt-end, 
  • electrofusion, 
  • workshop, 
  • couplers. 

It should be noted that plastic pipes are becoming increasingly popular in domestic installations. The welding machines enable the effective integration of elements. The pipes are usually connected using glue or the above-mentioned welding machine. The use of welding will give a lasting effect.  

Welding machines are divided according to the melting point: 

  • PEX (temperature above 130°C); 
  • PP (temperature up to 100°C); 
  • PE (temperature 60°C). 

In addition to the welding machine, you should remember about the kit that will make all the work easier for the DIY enthusiast. What will you need? Screws, screwdrivers, cutters, electronic temperature controller, floor stand, measuring tape. 

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