What is migomat welding?

Welding with the MIG and MAG method

MIG / MAG welding is currently the most popular method of industrial welding. It is estimated that approx. 65% of the entire welding market is the work done in this way. Due to its universal nature, this method is used in most industries related to welding.

What is MIG / MAG welding?

The MIG / MAG method is divided into two types - MIG, i.e. Metal Inert Gas, and MAG, i.e. Metal Active Gas. Both are welding with shielding gas. The main difference is in the type of gas used at work. In the work with the MIG method, chemically inert gases (such as Hel or Argon) are used, while in the MAG shield, an active gas (e.g. carbon dioxide) is used. The MIG / MAG method is used for work migomat. This type of welding machine produces an electric arc which, thanks to the presence of shielding gas, glows around the wire, while the arc itself and the thin metal remain protected.

Why MIG / MAG?

What distinguishes MIG / MAG welding from other methods? It is not without reason that MIG / MAG welding plays such an important role in the welding industry. In industrial welding, the main advantage of this method is its versatility. It works great both in machine and heavy welding. Migomat is used not only for maintenance and renovation works, but also in construction. The wide range of applications makes the MIG / MAG method a good choice for various types of work. In addition to a wide range of applications in industrial welding, migomat welding is also a very affordable method for hobby work at home. The presence of shielding gases ensures safety against overheating of the device, allowing for intensive work at the same time. Thanks to this, the Migomat is suitable for operation in the home space, which is often less adapted to complex welding work than in the case of industrial welding. In addition, a very large part of this type of welding machines is available at prices affordable for a home DIY enthusiast. Anyone willing to work with this method can work without straining the household budget. MIG / MAG welding also offers very high performance. A well-selected migomat with the appropriate current flow setting can work in long intervals without pausing for the welding sub-systems to cool down. In addition, during long work, it maintains the high quality of the weld without any problems, which makes it also useful for precise work on the visible side of the welded surface.

How does migomats compare to other welding machines?

The MIG / MAG method also owes its popularity to the fact that migomats are distinguished by advantages over other welding machines in many key areas. MIG / MAG offers a faster welding pace than when working with an MMA welder. It is also more efficient than TIG welding machines, offering higher quality welding in a shorter time. Additionally, the migomat can be used for metals of various thicknesses. The universal use of this type of welding machine makes them a good choice for all kinds of work.

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