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KURSO provides courses on UDT entitlementsand also provides maintenance services for handling equipment. We have a team of specialists who will repair or modernise your machine. We have a stationary and mobile service, and our team of specialists will take care of even the most serious breakdowns. 

What we do

  • we assist with the purchase of equipment; 
  • diagnostics; 
  • modernisation; 
  • maintenance; 
  • post-warranty service; 
  • repair; 
  • we carry out general renovations; 
  • sale of new and second-hand equipment; 
  • we prepare the technical documentation; 
  • we rent machines for the duration of the repair. 

What is an audit? 

An audit is another name for a preventive inspection of a particular workplace. The audit is carried out by specialised people, i.e. independent internal or external experts - called auditors. It used to be that an audit was carried out to identify shortcomings, deficiencies or violations of health and safety regulations in an establishment. Nowadays, its purpose is slightly different, as improving the performance of a particular company or organisation has become a greater priority. The basis of the study is the control systems and the analysis of potential risks of violation of rules or safety of employees.  

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What we service: 

  • forklift trucks;  
  • HDS cranes; 
  • cranes; 
  • mobile platforms (aerial work platforms and scissor lifts);  
  • telescopic handlers. 

What is an UDT? 

UDT stands for Office of Technical Inspection. It is a state legal organisation that exercises control over the operation of technical equipment under the UDT. The organisation also issues certificates, which are obtained on completion of a course to become an operator or maintainer of a particular machine. These certificates are necessary to practice the profession and are valid for between 5 and 10 years, depending on the type of machine. 

Which machines are subject to UDT? 

Exactly three categories of machinery are included in the UDT, and these fall into further sub-types. These are as follows: 


  • intended for the storage of flammable liquids; 
  • intended for the storage of corrosive or toxic materials.


  • tanks in the firefighting unit; 
  • installation of equipment in the water boiler room; 
  • transmission pipelines; 
  • installation of heat exchange equipment; 
  • steam and water boilers with a temperature of at least 110 ℃; 
  • process pipework; 
  • tank installations; 
  • reservoirs in the compressor unit.

Proximity transport: 

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  • machines for moving people with disabilities; 
  • construction cranes; 
  • small goods lifts with no third party access to the cabin; 
  • mobile platforms; 
  • cranes; 
  • hoists; 
  • winches; 
  • stationary cranes; 
  • linkage cranes; 
  • stationary straight-moving jacks; 
  • jacks with non-straight-line movement; 
  • mobile cranes; 
  • Suspended mobile platforms; 
  • masted mobile platforms; 
  • freight lifts; 
  • conveyors in an amusement park, or carousels; 
  • lift trucks; 
  • storage stacker cranes; 
  • tower cranes; 
  • high speed cranes; 
  • mobile loading platforms on the vehicle; 
  • escalators; 
  • moving walkways; 
  • passenger lifts; 
  • mobile cranes; 
  • mobile straight-moving jacks. 

We offer courses for operators and maintainers of machines subject to the Office of Technical Inspection. 


We set prices at our centre on an individual basis. For an initial estimate, please feel free to contact our consultants. Our specialists will carry out an initial survey and assess the cost of repair. 

Where do we carry out the service? 

We have service centres in the major cities in Poland, but we also offer travel to the customer at the indicated address. We are aware that the transport of machines subject to UDT is expensive and time-consuming, which is why we are equipped with special service vehicles. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you travel to customers throughout Poland? 

Yes, we have a mobile offer so that we are able to come to the indicated address throughout Poland.

What equipment to hire for repairs? 

We hire forklifts and scissor lifts. 

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