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At our KURSO Centre, we provide training courses for UDT licences for operators of construction cranes and goods and passenger cranes. Our classes are taught by experienced and qualified instructors who will provide you with the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge. The instructors at our centre conduct the classes in a very professional and understandable way. We have been providing our training for years, working with individuals and companies. We encourage everyone to sign up for our courses. On the KURSO website you can read recommendations for cooperation from our previous customers.  

Purpose of the training 

The aim of the course is to acquire knowledge in the operation of lifts, subject to technical supervision. The course is intended for employees working in positions where vertical transport operations using goods and passenger lifts are carried out. In addition, we prepare students for the examination giving entitlement to become an operator. 

Benefits of the course 

  • Improving competitiveness in the labour market.
  • Attractive training prices.
  • Comprehensive theoretical and practical preparation of the participant for the examination before the qualification board under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  • Possibility to receive training nationwide. 
  • Guaranteed service of the highest quality.
  • Form of service delivery tailored to the client's needs.
  • Additional facilities for trainees, e.g. arranging a medical examination. 

Training program 

During the course, course participants will be introduced to the following topics: 

  • Technical documentation - types and scopes of documentation;
  • general information and technical supervision;
  • control devices;
  • safety devices;
  • main assemblies of the goods-personnel lift;
  • dangerous damage, accident - rules of conduct;
  • operating principles;
  • responsibilities and tasks of the lift operator;
  • basic parameters of goods and passenger lifts;
  • practical activities;
  • health and safety at work. 

During the course, each participant acquires full theoretical knowledge of the construction, classification and operation of lifts. In addition, practical classes conducted in a pleasant atmosphere make it possible to master the operation of goods lifts to perfection. The knowledge gained during the classes makes it possible to pass an exam and obtain the relevant qualifications. 

Course participants will learn how to: 

  • recognise the hazards in performing the activities on the job;
  • use individual and collective protective equipment and means;
  • observe the parameters in the performance of their duties;
  • perform, correctly, the activities of the job;
  • apply correct methods of performing tasks. 

Requirements for candidates 

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To participate in the training you must:

  • at least 18 years of age;
  • receive a declaration that there are no health contraindications to working in this position;
  • have a minimum of primary education. 


On completion of the training course and passing the examination, students will acquire an UDT licence to operate goods and passenger lifts. During the course, learners will carry out predetermined operating tasks. The person who completes the training should observe safe working methods. UDT authorisations to operate lifts are valid for 10 years. After passing the examination, a qualification certificate is issued, entitling the person to operate the respective UDT device.  

Validity of allowances

BUILDING CRANES (including: construction site hoists, passenger-freight hoists and goods hoists) GOODS AND PASSENGER LIFTS (of which: lifts with internal control and hospital lifts without cabin load control) 
10 years 10 years 


It is always required for the developer to obtain a decision authorising the operation of a technical facility. The developer and the architects have to take into account a number of standards and requirements. Before operating a device subject to technical supervision. The operator shall report the equipment in writing to the authority of the relevant technical supervision unit. A positive result of the acceptance test will allow a decision to authorise the operation of the device. 

  • When all procedures have passed without objection, the authority of the competent technical supervision body, issues a decision authorising the operation of the equipment. It thereby establishes the form of technical supervision that the equipment will be subject to.  
  • On the other hand, if the inspection activities show negative results of the tests and operations performed, the authority of the competent technical supervision body refuses to issue a decision authorising the operation of the equipment. 

Building and passenger cranes 

A construction crane - otherwise known as a lift - is a permanently installed device for the vertical transfer of people or loads, either in cabs or on platforms. It stops at levels (floors). In Polish law, a licence to operate this type of lift is required. To do so, one should complete a dedicated course and pass the UDT exam.  

Division of cranes

Lifts can be divided due to their application into: 

  • personnel (including lifts for the disabled);
  • passenger and freight; 
  • goods lifts;
  • hospital;
  • construction;
  • theatre;
  • special. 

Characteristics of lifts due to their use: 

  • hospital crane - used to transport people, hospital beds and medical equipment; 
  • passenger lift - is used to move people vertically between floors, electrically or hydraulically driven, transport is by means of rigid guides; 
  • freight crane - without the right of access by persons to the cabin and without internal controls, moves along vertical guides; 
  • freight and passenger crane - used to transport the load with those responsible for unloading it; 
  • construction crane - freight or passenger-freight, transport is carried out in a cab or on a platform. 


Prices at our centre depend mainly on the number of people on the course. For larger groups, we have prepared attractive offers. We are one of the few to be able to offer you adequate training prices in relation to their quality. We invite you to contact us! 

Where can you find us? 

Our main KURSO centre is located in Warsaw, but this is not our only location, as we organise open training throughout the country. For organised groups, we guarantee travel and closed-door training. Should you have any questions please contact us telephone. 

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