Mobile platforms - suspension platform service course 

The installation of the suspended mobile platform facilitates many complex outdoor works

The aim of the class is to prepare participants to work as an operator and, above all, to take the state exam. Obtaining a licence to operate platforms is required by law. According to the UDT, these are devices under technical supervision, the operation of which requires advanced skills and safety knowledge.

Information about suspended mobile platforms

According to the new division used by UDT, the suspended mobile platform is, together with the stationary mobile platforms, a device belonging to the II P category. It is subject to technical supervision, which means that its operation requires a license issued by the UDT.

This type of platform is used for vertical transport of people, tools and materials when working at height. Hanging platforms are mounted outside buildings, placing their load-bearing structure on the roof. Then, the working platform suspended on ropes is on the facade of the building. Such a structure can be mounted not only on typical buildings, but also on chimneys, masts, viaducts and bridges. Everything is operated by a qualified operator via a central control system.

Form of classes

Classes are held in the form of lectures and practical exercises. They are conducted by experienced instructors of the Center. It is also possible to participate remotely in the theoretical part (classes in the form of live webinars).


During the course for mobile hanging platforms, participants learn, among others:

  • What are the types of platforms and their applications
  • About the structure of the device and its individual parts
  • About the rules of safety and accident prevention
  • What technical inspection regulations are in force in Poland
  • What are the operator's duties before, during and after work

Conditions of participation

To be able to participate in the operator course for suspended mobile platforms, you do not need to have experience in operating these devices. The course program assumes learning from scratch, in accordance with the UDT examination requirements. Trainings are also held for people who have already had contact with the platforms - then the program of activities is adapted to the skills and knowledge of the participants.

These are the basic requirements that we set for students:

  • Age - over 18 years old
  • Education - basic minimum
  • Health condition - no health contraindications to work in the profession, confirmed by a certificate from an occupational medicine doctor

UDT exam and qualifications

Thanks to the mobile hanging platforms, it is possible to paint, clean and maintain the facade without the need to assemble the scaffoldingThe course "Hanging mobile platforms" is completed with a state exam, held by the relevant UDT commission (Warsaw or another, depending on the location of the course). The cost of taking the exam is already included in the course price. The qualification test takes the form of a knowledge test followed by a practical test on a manoeuvring area. After passing both parts, the candidate is awarded a licence for suspended access platforms, valid for 10 years. UDT course has a syllabus approved by the Authority, so that participants can prepare effectively for the qualification verification process. The training platform provided to trainees also includes tests with sample exam questions.

Practical information: dates, place, entries

To enroll in the course, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will then provide information about the current dates of mobile platform courses, prices, and places of classes. At the registration stage, we collect information from clients about their education and experience, thanks to which we can offer them participation in classes at the appropriate level of advancement.

People interested in obtaining qualifications are also invited to our other courses: mobile mobile platforms, self-propelled mobile platforms, slow-moving mobile platforms and other types of devices.

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