Course for stationary mobile platforms 

When designing the programme for this training course, we thought above all of the best possible preparation of the candidates for the examination for the UDT entitlements. We also want to spread knowledge about safety and educate operators in such a way that their work does not pose a threat. Thanks to this approach, most of our students pass the state exam on the first attempt, and then they can immediately start working as an operator.

"Stationary Mobile Work Platforms" course - framework program

Our lecturers provide theoretical knowledge, among others, on:

  • Construction of a stationary platform, its purpose and possible applications
  • Safety rules at work of the operator
  • Obligations related to the fact that the platforms are subject to technical supervision
  • Proper preparation of the device for work
  • Rules of conduct in the event of a breakdown or accident

Classes are conducted at various levels of advancement. If there is a group of willing people who already have some knowledge of handling equipment, some issues may be omitted. The mobile lift operator training course is shorter then, which speeds up the process of acquiring qualifications.

The standard duration of training is approximately 20 to 35 hours. In the case of people with experience, this time may be reduced to even 8 hours.

Theoretical classes are held in various locations in Poland. In the case of mobile platforms, these are: Warsaw, Kraków, Silesia, and most other large cities. People who do not want to or cannot go to the stationary training can participate in webinars during which theoretical knowledge is transferred.

Theoretical classes are supplemented with practical exercises. We are distinguished by an individual approach to participants, thanks to which everyone can master the operation of devices to the extent required for the exam.

Participants - requirements

We invite people who:

  • They are over 18 years old
  • They have at least basic education
  • They have no health contraindications (it is necessary to present a medical certificate)

Mobile platforms - course and exam

In the case of training for all mobile platforms, the price includes the approach to the UDT exam. Training sessions are planned in such a way that the examination is held as soon as possible after its completion. Thanks to this, students are up to date with the acquired knowledge and skills.

The qualifications obtained during the UDT examination are valid for the entire II P category, which, apart from stationary platforms, also includes hanging mobile platforms. The qualification certificate issued by the UDT is valid in Poland for 10 years.

As part of other courses organized by our Center, you can also obtain entitlements for rises (basket lifts - self-propelled mobile platforms) and other handling devices.

Records and other practical information

You can register for the course by contacting us by phone or e-mail. This way we also answer all organizational questions: about the dates of classes, location, payments.

We also invite representatives of companies who want to organize a closed training for their employees.

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