Telescopic loader operator

Anyone wishing to obtain a licence for telescopic handlers is welcome to attend a professional and comprehensive UDT course at the KURSO Training Centre. We guarantee our customers a full and professional service at low prices!

  • professional preparation for the exam
  • program based on UDT guidelines
  • theoretical and practical classes
  • duration adjusted to the type of course and group

What does a telehandler operator do?

Telescopic loaders are modern devices used in loading, unloading and handling works in the field of handling. They are used in many different fields, including industry, construction and agriculture. They can have interchangeable accessories, which makes them versatile and functional.

The operator of telescopic loaders should have theoretical and practical knowledge related to the operation of this type of equipment. It is especially important to follow the rules of occupational health and safety, which allows for the minimization of accidents.

Qualifications for telescopic handlers

Persons wishing to work as telescopic loader operators should have the appropriate UDT entitlements - Office of Technical Inspection. Their acquisition is preceded by professional training in theory and practice and the UDT exam.

The conditions that must be met to participate in the course are:

  • being 18 years of age or older
  • at least basic education
  • no health contraindications to work in the position

In our KURSO Training Center, we provide professional preparation for taking the UDT exam - obtaining qualifications with us is no problem!

The course for telescopic loaders includes:

  • theoretical classes
  • practical
  • teaching materials
  • UDT exam
  • formalities related to taking the exam

Classes are conducted by experienced instructors using activating teaching methods, which translates into their effectiveness.

Why is it worth choosing a course for a telescopic loader operator at KURSO?

  • convenient dates of classes
  • affordable training price
  • study program compliant with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection
  • qualified training staff, with whom we obtained practically 100% exam passing
  • attractive training methods
  • open and closed classes
  • many trained students throughout the country

Enroll in the course!

KURSO Training Center is a guarantee of professional training - customer satisfaction is our satisfaction. Anytime you have questions we remain at your disposal.

In our Center, you can also take advantage of other UDT trainings, including overhead cranes, basket and scissor lifts, telescopic loaders, cranes of various types. We conduct fusion and welding courses, G1, G2, G3, occupational health and safety and fire protection courses as well OHS services. The full offer is presented on our website.

Telescopic loaders course - Warsaw and other cities in Poland - Kraków, Poznań, Lublin, Wrocław, Szczecin, Łódź - we cordially invite you!

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