Training for HDS crane maintainers and operators

HDS crane

Training for HDS cranes

The KURSO training centre has been providing personnel training services for many years, relying on the knowledge and experience of experts in the industry. In order to be able to operate cranes, it is necessary to pass an examination in front of the UDT commission. During the classes, we follow a programme that prepares you to obtain your operator's licence. Our offer includes training for all types of cranes. The course consists of a theoretical and practical part. We have professional equipment which we make available to trainees during exercises. We guarantee full support of our staff and access to unique teaching materials. We comprehensively prepare our trainees for the exam! 

Why a maintenance and crane operator course? 

There is still a shortage of skilled workers on the labour market. UDT qualifications allow higher wages and are essential for operating and maintaining cranes. In addition, these professions are currently in demand and offer job stability.  

Crane maintenance and operator training programme:

HDS crane moves load
  • basic information about cranes, 
  • technical supervision, 
  • construction of equipment, 
  • operating principles, 
  • individual components and assemblies, 
  • risks and safety, 
  • operation, 
  • operator responsibilities, 
  • health and safety rules, 
  • practical classes on the manoeuvring area. 

We provide training for open and closed groups, which we will deliver at your premises! 

By choosing a course at KURSO, you gain: 

  • experienced trainers, 
  • programme in accordance with UDT requirements, 
  • hands-on activities. 

We train for machine qualifications from companies such as: Hiab, Befar, MKG, Palfinger, HMF, Fassi, Bonfiglioli. 

Building cranes 

These are cranes that enable the lifting, carrying and lowering of loads. 

We can distinguish between the basic types of cranes: 

  • general use, 
  • the timber industry, 
  • transshipment. 

HDS cranes - mobile, handling 

Hydraulic truck cranes consist of a crane mounted on the truck, either between the driver's cab and the box, or at the rear of the vehicle. The truck platform is additionally equipped with supports to keep the crane stable during operation.  

Use of HDS cranes

crane on a truck
  • loading and unloading of building materials and containers, 
  • assistance on smaller construction sites where it is not possible to transport heavier machinery, 
  • transporting materials to the upper floors, 
  • wood export from forests. 

Types of UDT cranes: 

  • self-propelled, 
  • stationary, 
  • mobile or portable, 
  • tower, 
  • rail, 
  • Rail, 
  • floating, 
  • on-board. 

We also provide training for other UDT equipment: 

  • operation of tower cranes, 
  • forklift operator, 
  • heat pump installer, 
  • maintenance worker for handling equipment. 

Feel free to contact us! 

Frequently asked questions

Does the course confer a licence to practise?

Yes, our courses prepare you to pass the state examination and obtain your UDT licence. After the training, you can take up a job in Poland and the EU. 

What machines are involved in training? 

We provide training courses giving the entitlement to become operators or maintainers of handling equipment, in accordance with UDT guidelines. These include, among others: cranes, overhead travelling cranes, stepladders, mobile platforms, forklift trucks. 

Can the course be taken remotely? 

Yes, it is possible to do the theoretical part of the course remotely. The practical part of the course must take place on site due to the trainee's familiarity with the machine. You will be taught by an instructor. 

What does it take to become a UDT machine operator?

It improves qualifications and attractiveness on the labour market, gives the opportunity to increase earnings and professional stability. It also makes it possible to work in Poland and the countries of the European Union. 

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