Transportable mobile platforms - service course with an exam

Mobile platforms "spiders" - material handling devices, defined by UDT as mobile mobile platforms

The training prepares you for the qualifications needed to work with the popular 'spiders'. These are pieces of equipment covered by technical supervision, whose operators must have a UDT entitlements confirmed by an examination. We organize classes in an open formula, available to people at various levels of advancement, and closed training only for company employees.

Course on mobile platforms (spiders) - detailed information

We invite all interested persons, including those without experience in the profession, to the course of the operator of mobile mobile platforms, also known as spiders. We create class groups based on the diagnostics of the participants' needs. We conduct full-time classes (about 35), during which we cover all the issues required for the exam. People who have already dealt with this type of equipment (for example, have worked as an operator's assistant) can take a short course - up to 8 hours.

In addition to open training, the dates and locations of which are published on our website, we also offer closed training. Only persons designated by the employer take part in such classes, and the date, place and program are agreed with the client.

The substantive scope complies with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. The trainings consist of theoretical and practical classes. We teach the construction of devices, health and safety rules for operation, the use of operating instructions, safe conduct in the event of a failure, and preparation of platforms for work. Instructors encourage participants to be active in the classroom by using, among other things, knowledge tests to check their progress.

UDT exam - qualifications to work in the profession

The basis for receiving a certificate of qualifications is a passed exam that ends the course. UDT conducts it on designated dates, to which the dates of classes are adjusted - thanks to this, participants can quickly take the exam and shorten the waiting time. The qualifications are checked in the form of a test with closed questions, and then a practical part, where the ability to use the mobile platform is checked.

The cost of organizing the UDT exam is included in the course price. The center acts as an intermediary in contacts with the appropriate UDT branch (Warsaw or other large cities) and enrolls participants for the exam on a given date.

Application of movable mobile platforms in practice

A "spider" type mobile platform - a device that works well in every, also difficult terrainMobile platforms "spiders" owe their name to the chassis with arms that increase the stability of the device during operation. "Spiders" can be additionally equipped with wheels or caterpillars that enable the change of position on the construction site, but transport over longer distances takes place with the use of car trailers.

Due to the small dimensions in combination with a large range of work, mobile mobile platforms are eagerly used for various types of work: indoors, on construction sites, also in difficult terrain - marshy, with limited load capacity or high slope.

Examples of types of work in which "spiders" platforms can take part:

  • Installation, repair, maintenance, lighting control, power lines, telephone lines etc.
  • Work on construction sites: assembly of small elements on the roof or facade
  • Installing large-format advertisements on buildings or billboards
  • Greenery care and maintenance: cutting down trees, pruning branches, removing mistletoe
  • Repairs in large public buildings, warehouses, factories
  • Painting facades of buildings
  • Conservation of monuments - inside and out

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