HAZOP training

We encourage you to sign up for HAZOP training courses conducted at our Kurso centre. These are professional classes aimed at people who want to gain knowledge of the HAZOP method focused on the analysis of threats and operational capabilities.

The course is aimed in particular at inspectors and specialists in the field of health and safety, safety managers, engineers, managers and other people who want to obtain comprehensive preparation for conducting HAZOP analyzes.

The aim of the training at HAZOP

HAZOP analysis is currently one of the most frequently used methods to identify hazards in technological processes.

Analyzes of this type are performed mainly for companies that design, manufacture or operate industrial installations.

Our training is cross-sectional, rich in information and exercises, and covers all issues related to conducting HAZOP analyzes. After completing the training, the participants of the training are prepared to carry out analyzes of this kind.

The training program includes:

  • admission to HAZOP
  • principles, strategies and examples of HAZOP analysis
  • preliminary threat analysis
  • hazard identification techniques
  • risk assessment and safety barriers
  • analysis of accidents, breakdowns and near misses
  • exercises on process diagrams

Trainings are conducted by qualified and experienced people in their field - our instructors know how to effectively transfer their knowledge.

If you have additional questions about HAZOP training, we are available - please contact us.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer!

More information:

RECORDS: +48 22 208 38 38