How do you become a certified compressor operator?

Main components of the compressor

We warmly invite anyone interested in becoming a certified compressor operator to contact our centre. We provide training for operators of equipment that is widely used in many industries. This way, you will be guaranteed to get a job after successfully passing the exam. These portable machines are used both in workshops and at home. It is worth noting that a regular pressure washer used for washing cars is also one type of compressor.

What is a compressor?

A compressor converts the electrical energy of the motor that drives it into compressed gas energy. It can be used for a variety of tasks - both in household machines and in large and small industrial plants. The compressor's job is to increase air pressure, and its job is to convert electrical energy.

What are the main components of a piston block?

  • piston
  • piston rings
  • crankshaft
  • connecting rod
  • cylinder
  • inlet and outlet valves

Course information

Those interested in operating compressors must complete the relevant course and pass an examination before an examination board with a positive result in order to obtain the relevant licence. The course for compressors consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The licence is issued for compressors in the form of a qualification certificate and is valid for five years. After this period, they must be renewed. When signing up for our training course, you need to be at least 18 years old and have at least a primary school education. During the course, participants acquire theoretical knowledge on the following topics:

  • principles of occupational health and safety, occupational health and safety
  • automatic pressure control equipment
  • capacity regulation methods
  • operation of equipment
  • starting and stopping compressors
  • characteristics
  • wymagania wynikające z przepisów UDT dotyczące zbiorników ciśnieniowych
  • division of compressors
  • a lot of valuable information for this position

During the course, you will learn, among other things, what types of compressors there are. Below you can get an initial overview of the material we teach.

Participants on the course

Maintenance of compressors

Each type of compressor is different and needs different parts. However, if we want it to serve us for many years we must remember to maintain it properly.

Regular removal of the water that accumulates at the bottom of the tank must be done for all compressors. This is best done each time immediately after use. The air filter and the rest of the filters installed behind the compressor should also be checked frequently. The inlet filter is replaced after about a year or more often depending on the level of use. In oil compressors, the water that accumulates in the tank must be treated before it goes into the drain. The oil it contains should be removed. In this case, it is worth equipping the system with a special separator.

Oil-free compressors, as the name suggests, do not need oil. For this reason, they require far less maintenance. The only requirements are regular cleaning and changing of the air filter and draining of condensate. Oil-free compressors, on the other hand, require careful checking of the oil level. This should be done at least monthly and topped up when necessary. It is recommended that the oil be changed annually or when it is contaminated. The same applies to condensate drains and air filters. Thanks to this practice, the compressor will function like new for many years. It is also worth remembering that using the recommended compressor oil can affect the service life of the compressor.

Regular checking of the V-belt is another thing worthy of attention. In order to prevent rapid wear, we need to make sure that the tension is correct. It is advisable to check this once a month to ensure that the performance of the machine does not deteriorate or become damaged. A cracked V-belt must be replaced as soon as possible.

Compressors are increasingly used in everyday life. Their low failure rate and efficiency have made them one of the most popular pieces of equipment used in industry. The demand for compressor operators is constantly growing. If you want to improve your position on the labour market or gain a long-awaited promotion - visit our website and check out our offer! We guarantee the complete satisfaction of our trainees!

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