Explosion risk assessment and its application

The risk of explosion can occur at various workplaces and in various facilities. An explosive atmosphere and an ignition source are enough to cause a dangerous explosion. In order to determine whether such a hazard exists, an explosion hazard assessment is carried out.

The main document related to the assessment of the risk of explosion is the Regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration of June 7, 2010 on fire protection of buildings, other structures and areas (Journal of Laws of June 22, 2010).

When is an explosion risk assessment performed?

Pursuant to the provisions of "In the facilities and adjacent areas, where technological processes are carried out with the use of materials that can generate explosive mixtures or in which such materials are stored, an explosion risk assessment is performed".

The explosion risk assessment must be comprehensive and must include such elements as: indication of potentially explosive areas, determination of explosion hazard zones, determination of factors causing ignition.

The classification of explosion hazard zones is more closely characterized by the Polish Standard on explosion prevention and protection against explosion.

Explosion risk assessment application

The explosion risk assessment may be performed by the following entities: investor, designer or user deciding about the technological process.

The explosion risk assessment may be an element of the explosion risk assessment referred to in the provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Economy, Labor and Social Policy of May 29, 2003 on the minimum requirements for occupational safety and health for employees working at workplaces where an explosive atmosphere may occur. (Journal of Laws No. 107, item 1004 and of 2006 No. 121, item 836).

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