Explosion risk assessment and its application

There is a risk of explosion in certain working environments. It is mainly related to the characteristics of the workplace, the substances, mixtures and devices used on it.

For an explosion to occur, two conditions must be met - the presence of an explosive atmosphere and the appearance of an ignition source such as sparks, hot air, flame, electrostatic discharge.

When is an explosion risk assessment performed?

The obligation to carry out an explosion risk assessment (ORW) is imposed by the ATEX Users 137 Directive and the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 8 July 2010 on the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety related to the possibility of an explosive atmosphere in the workplace (Journal of Laws of July 30, 2010).

The regulations indicate that the employer performs a comprehensive risk assessment related to the possibility of an explosive atmosphere in workplaces, analyzing:

  • the probability and duration of the presence of an explosive atmosphere
  • the probability of the presence and activation of ignition sources, including electrostatic discharges
  • plants used, substances and mixtures used
  • the processes taking place and their interactions
  • the size of the anticipated effects of the explosion

The risk assessment also includes those workplaces that are or may be connected via openings to other places where an explosive atmosphere may occur.

A document such as an explosion risk assessment allows you to reduce the risk of explosions in those workplaces where the risk of an explosion may occur.

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