Course in evacuation of persons at heights

Evacuation of people from a building

The training is designed for people who have work at height. It is dedicated to carrying out effective rescue and evacuation operations, taking into account different emergency scenarios in the workplace. The course explores the knowledge associated with assessing the emergency situation as well as the possibilities before undertaking a rescue operation. The techniques we present are simple, easy to remember and user-friendly. They pose no danger to the person taking the action. We show how to lower and extend the rope correctly, rescuing the victim. However, this does not include rappelling. During the training, participants practise skills that are essential when evacuating personnel from high platforms, structures or equipment in an emergency situation.

Roof repair with safety equipment What are the requirements?

  • Presentation of a certificate of no medical contraindication to work at a height of more than 3 metres
  • Completion of HS1 training

Who is the training aimed at?

For personnel using personal protective equipment (safety lines, harnesses, etc.) to protect against falls from height. When working at height

in many different industries, including workshops, factories, quarries, the construction industry and roof surfaces.

Number of groups: Up to 6 participants : 1 instructor

Duration: 1 day

Upon completion of the theoretical and practical parts of the training, we issue a certificate and a badge valid for 3 years.

Training objectives and topics

  • Roof repair with safety equipment General requirements for rescue operations
  • Rescue plans and risk assessment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Assisting the injured/hanging around/stabilising the injured
  • Characteristics of rescue equipment and their limitations
  • Inspection and maintenance of equipment
  • How to rescue conscious and unconscious persons and those within and beyond the reach of the rescuer
  • Avoiding obstacles during the rescue operation
  • Emergency evacuation from height

Why choose an Operator Training Centre?

  • Top quality services
  • Professionalism at every turn
  • Many years of experience in training
  • Practical application of knowledge
  • Reliable learning systems
  • Attractive prices

Where can you find us?

KURSO's head office is in Warsaw, but we also have branches in other parts of Poland. In addition, we can travel to the agreed location for larger groups. Should you wish to enrol or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help and answer all your questions.

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