Kurso training center

We are a training center that works with people seeking professional development and acquiring qualifications sought on the labor market in mind. The KURSO team consists of experienced instructors who have developed their own effective teaching methods, constantly update their knowledge in the field of regulations and industry news, and are always perfectly prepared to conduct classes. Our students appreciate not only the friendly atmosphere that prevails during the training, but also the way they are encouraged to be active in the classroom, which translates into better learning.

Having been active on the training market for more than a dozen years, we have specialised in several areas. We provide training to prepare for UDT examinations for authorisations to operate and maintain handling equipment. Some of the most popular types of training on offer include courses on the use of mobile platforms, overhead cranes, forklifts, telescopic loaders and courses for maintenance of equipment under technical supervision.

Instructors of the KURSO Training Center also conduct training for the 1 kV for specialists in the field of energy, gas and heating (categories G1, G2, G3).

When designing training programs, we work closely with examining institutions. The scope of issues covered during the training is in line with the examination requirements, so that the students can be sure that they are properly preparing for qualifications.

We operate not only in Warsaw, but also in other cities. In each of our branches, we have maneuvering areas and equipment base that enable us to conduct practical classes for our students.

We know how important it is to have a flexible approach to clients and understand their needs. We do this, among other things, by offering closed training courses for companies. We provide business clients with transport to a selected place in Poland, as well as adapting the training program to the specificity of the company's operations.

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