Altitude training

We invite you to training at heights at the KURSO Training Center - thanks to our courses you can obtain qualifications for mountaineering work at height at the positions of industrial climber and construction climber. We train professionally, comprehensively and with an emphasis on the satisfaction of our clients!

  • the highest passing rate of exams
  • modern mountaineering equipment
  • theoretical and practical classes
  • duration adjusted to the type of course and group

What does an industrial and construction climber do?

Industrial mountaineering, also referred to as rope access, is a type of work at height, supported or suspended.

The tasks of an industrial climber include cleaning windows at height, painting and repairing facades of high buildings, maintenance of antennas, industrial line masts, warning lights for tall buildings, assembly work of advertising structures and others. Industrial mountaineers also deal with landscaping works - tree felling and trimming. They also carry out seasonal works, such as hanging Christmas decorations, removing snow from roofs.

Training for work at height also takes place in the so-called building access. The classes are intended for employees working on ladders, scaffolding, clamps, poles, chimneys, flat and steep roofs, platforms and other elevations.

When working at height, appropriate equipment and personal protective equipment are used, including safety harnesses and ski lifts. Proper handling of this type of equipment is essential as an industrial climber.

Altitude rights

The employee must have the appropriate qualifications to work at height. They are acquired through appropriate training, including both theoretical and practical classes, after which the exam is passed and received the appropriate certificate.

If you also want to obtain a height license, we invite you to choose our ERGON Training Center. We provide comprehensive training to prepare for the profession of industrial climber.

The altitude course turns on:

  • theoretical classes
  • practical
  • teaching materials
  • altitude exam
  • formalities related to taking the exam

Classes are conducted by qualified and experienced instructors in accordance with current programs and on modern high-class equipment.

Why is it worth choosing an altitude course at KURSO?

  • various dates of classes to choose from
  • very attractive price
  • scope of study in line with current programs
  • qualified and experienced training staff, which translates into almost 100% passing exams
  • modern, interesting teaching methods for the participants
  • open and closed classes available
  • many satisfied customers all over the country

Enroll in the course!

When you have any additional questions related to the courses in our KURSO Training Center, we encourage you to contact us. We want all of our clients to be satisfied, which is why we offer advice.

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Altitude training - Warsaw and other cities in Poland - Kraków, Poznań, Lublin, Wrocław, Szczecin, Łódź - we cordially invite you!

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