Image, construction scaffolding installer.

Building fitter jobs

Scaffolding is an indispensable element when carrying out construction work and all kinds of work at height. The modular design of the individual systems makes it very easy to adapt to the height of the individual building. The use of scaffolding provides a stable working surface for renovation work, façade insulation or the construction of all kinds of buildings such as industrial structures, viaducts and Read more "

Personal Data Administrators

Protection of Personal Data

The introduction of RODO, the EU's Data Protection Regulation, in 2016 was associated with the restriction of access to private data by an excessive number of unauthorised individuals and the passing on of such data. Access to someone's personal data (name, surname, PESEL number, address, phone number and other contact details) comes with significant liability. IndividualsRead more "

Students and instructor during practical sessions

Health and safety training for people performing hazardous work

What is occupational health and safety? OSH is abbreviated from the expression: occupational health and safety. It is a set of legal norms and research, but also organisational and technical measures. OSH makes it possible to create safe working conditions. Health and safety at work improves work and it is through health and safety at work that work is efficient and safe. Regulatory body andRead more "

Hoists and winches - UDT surveillance

All equipment is subject to damage and wear, in order to extend the life of hoists and winches it is important to maintain them regularly. What is a winch? A winch allows objects to be moved horizontally and vertically. It also allows us to pull ropes or wires. Winches are used, among other things, in the construction, energy, railway and Read more "

Boiler stoker.

Boiler and cooker burner - what does it do?

The general development of the thermal power industry is reflected in cities: steelworks, boiler houses and furnaces, and consequently also in the labour market in the form of an increase in demand for carbon dioxide smokers. In modern times, it is difficult to imagine daily life without thermal energy devices. We will therefore use a concise overview to Read more "

Fire alarm system equipment

Safe operation of firefighting equipment

Fixed or semi-permanent fire-fighting devices, which are activated either automatically or manually, are used to fight or detect a fire and to limit its effects. The fire alarm and warning system includes, among other things, fire alarm receiving equipment fire alarm signalling equipment fire alarm signalling equipment evacuation lighting systems pumps fire shut-off dampers fire smoke venting equipment hydrants Read more "

First aid

First aid skills are extremely important. We never know when we might need it, and given correctly it can save someone's life. Being a little super hero is really cool! The most important thing is to do it correctly, because poorly administered first aid can put lives in even greater dangerRead more "

A building on fire

What is fire protection?

Principles of fire protection (Fire Protection) is a set of necessary guidelines in the event of a fire in the workplace. It consists of the inability to fight the fire as well as properly carried out evacuation. Knowledge of this knowledge allows you to avoid health damage and even save your life. Therefore, training in this area is crucial. EverywhereRead more »

Training participants

OHS training - periodic and initial

There is no need to remind anyone how important the knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety regulations is in each job. Two types can be distinguished: Initial training, Periodic training. Initial training is compulsory for every employee before he starts working in a given position. It is required because failure to attend such training and work without itRead more »

Cutting with oxy-acetylene torch and plasma torch

Today, the tool market offers a wide selection of various welding machines and torches. Thanks to this, when preparing for work, you can choose a tool specially tailored to the needs and requirements of the material. Depending on the welding methods used for work, the appropriate type of burner should be selected. Bad choice in this case mayRead more »

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