Fire protection training

We encourage you to take advantage of the fire protection courses at the KURSO Training Center - we provide our clients with comprehensive training in accordance with the current requirements. We are distinguished by professionalism and low prices!

  • comprehensive fire protection training
  • program based on current requirements
  • open and closed courses
  • time of classes adjusted to the course and the group

Fire training

The employer is obliged to ensure proper and complete fire protection in his workplace.

His duties include, among others, appropriate instruction of his employees within the fire rules, including the possible causes of fires in the plant, the course of evacuation in the event of an emergency, and duties at workplaces.

The basis of training in the field of fire protection is providing participants with information about:

  • fire conditions
  • responsibilities in the event of a fire
  • rules of conduct during an emergency

In addition, the fire protection training should include the description of fire signs, fire extinguishing rules with the use of handy fire fighting equipment, rules of safety in the case of evacuation. Practical exercises that familiarize participants with the use of fire-fighting equipment are also important.

Our KURSO Training Center conducts comprehensive fire-fighting courses for all employees. We provide the highest level of service, affordable prices and adjustment to individual customer expectations.

The fire protection course includes:

  • theoretical classes
  • practical
  • teaching materials
  • documents confirming training

We use modern methods and place great emphasis on practice. This is why our classes are so effective.

Why is it worth choosing health and safety course in KURSO?

  • many class dates to choose from
  • attractive prices
  • learning program compliant with the latest regulations
  • qualified staff
  • activating teaching methods
  • open and closed classes
  • many trained clients throughout Poland

Enroll in the course!

We publish training dates on our website. If you have any additional questions we remain at your disposal.

At KURSO, we also conduct other types of training. We offer, among others, UDT courses for overhead cranes, basket and scissor lifts, telescopic loaders, cranes of other types and other devices. We offer welding and welding courses, training for forklifts, OHS courses, G1, G2, G3, altitude courses. The full offer is presented on our website.

Fire protection training - Warsaw and other cities in Poland - Kraków, Poznań, Lublin, Wrocław, Szczecin, Łódź - we cordially invite you!

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