Service, repair and modernisation of forklift trucks

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Forklift truck service

We provide comprehensive advice, service, maintenance and repair of machines in accordance with UDT standards. We help you complete the necessary technical documentation or adapt your forklift truck to the regulations in force. We register with the relevant branch of the UDT and carry out regular inspections at a frequency adapted to the rate of use of the machine in question.  

We service electric, gas and internal combustion powered forklifts from proven brands, including: 

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  • Toyota, 
  • Still, 
  • Linde, 
  • Jungheinrich, 
  • Clark, 
  • Mitsubishi, 
  • Nissan, 
  • Yale, 
  • Samsung, 
  • and many others.

Our services include travel to the customer! 

We take an individual approach to each customer and our service technician is in constant contact with you! 

Why trust us? 

We have been passionate about helping you purchase, service and repair forklifts for many years. Our professionals, having studied the specifics of your business, will identify suitable models and our mobile service technicians will solve equipment problems.  

Full service  

From the moment of purchase, we are the ones who ensure that periodic inspections, UDT maintenance work and ongoing repairs are carried out correctly. We will come at a convenient time and carry out the necessary maintenance at the customer's premises.  

Our maintenance service includes: 

  • remanufacturing of parts, 
  • overhaul of forklift truck components, 
  • box repair, 
  • tyre replacement, 
  • filter changes: oil, fuel, air, 
  • checking steering, braking, hydraulic systems, 
  • checking the condition of the chain and masts. 
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Complex repairs 

We repair electric, gas and internal combustion forklifts. The knowledge and experience of our service technicians means that we carry out repairs efficiently at the customer's premises. If your lift truck requires major repairs, we provide replacement equipment to avoid putting your business out of action. We also offer post-warranty repairs. 

Accessories and spare parts 

We offer original parts at lower prices! As a result, your forklifts are repaired practically as soon as they are accepted for repair. 

We also service other UDT equipment: 

  • cranes, 
  • cranes, 
  • fixed, mobile cranes, 
  • lifts. 

Why use our service

  • prompt and professional assistance, 
  • permanent contact, 
  • our service technicians have UDT entitlements and up-to-date knowledge, 
  • We carry out most repairs and maintenance at the customer's premises, 
  • we have accessories and spare parts available. 

Discover what we have to offer!  

Frequently asked questions

What types of trolleys do you repair?

We service all types of forklifts: LPG, petrol, diesel or electric. In addition, we offer training in their operation. 

What brands do you support? 

We service equipment brands such as Toyota, Still, Linde, Jungheinrich, Clark, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Yale, Samsung and many more. Contact us for details on the maintenance of your equipment. 

Do you do conservation reviews? 

Yes, our service technicians have the relevant UDT qualifications. Amongst others, we service: forklift trucks, overhead cranes, mobile platforms, cranes, cranes or storage stackers.  

What does the maintenance service cover? 

The service includes: reconditioning of parts, overhaul of forklift components, repair of the forklift box, replacement of tyres, replacement of filters, checking the steering, braking and hydraulic systems, and checking the condition of the chain and masts. 

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