"Mast mobile platforms" course - classes with the UDT exam 

In the mast climbing work platform, the work platform is moved up or down the mast

The mast mobile lift is one of the devices that have been subject to technical inspection. In order for it to be used in construction, renovation and other works, it is necessary to obtain a permit for operation, documentation and regular technical examinations. The supervision regulations also refer to the operator - he must be a specialist with appropriate qualifications, confirmed by an examination.

Participation in the mast climbing platform courses organized by us is an effective way to obtain these qualifications. Our instructors provide the knowledge needed to pass the exam in a practical way, paying particular attention to work safety. The courses for operators of mast climbing work platforms also include practical exercises. They are intended for people of all levels of experience, including beginners.

Mast climbing platforms

Mast climbing platforms are equipped with platforms with wheels and supports

These are handling devices, i.e. those that are used for vertical transport of people to the workplace.


These devices, also called self-climbing, have a characteristic lattice mast. A basket is placed on the mast - a work platform for transporting employees, building materials, goods and tools. The platform can be pulled out, which increases its working space. The mast is placed on a chassis with wheels. The device is powered by electricity, batteries or mains.


The mast platform is operated by the operator using a remote control or control panel. After activation, the basket moves vertically up or down on the mast thanks to the hoist. During operation, the platform rests on supports that ensure its stability.


Individual models of these devices are designed for indoor or outdoor use. In rooms, they are used to provide access to higher-located warehouse or shop racks, while outdoors they are helpful during construction or renovation works on the facades of buildings.

Course for the operator of mast climbing work platforms - information for participants

Below we present the most important information for people who want to gain new qualifications in the profession of operator:

  • Requirements for participants of training on mobile platforms: the course is intended for adults with at least basic education, who have no health contraindications (we require a medical certificate)
  • Programme: The training consists of lectures and practical exercises on the manoeuvring area. In addition, the trainees can supplement their knowledge with materials we make available to them on an educational platform. During the course, the instructors impart knowledge on the construction, types and use of materials handling equipment, the operator's obligations in terms of occupational safety, regulations on technical supervision. Exercises on the manoeuvring site are of a practical nature, their aim being to teach the trainees the basics of operating the equipment. The UDT course programme complies with the requirements of this institution.
  • Form of classes: you can participate in the classes stationary - we organize lectures and exercises in Warsaw and other large cities, as well as online (this only applies to the lecture part).
  • Examination for UDT entitlements: is carried out by a commission from the UDT in Warsaw or one of its branches. Contact with UDT and organisational issues are handled by the Centre on behalf of the participants. The exam is held at the end of the course, on a date set by UDT. Training courses are timed close to the exam dates so that trainees are up to date with the knowledge needed for the exam.
  • UDT qualification certificate - authorizations for operators. Certificates for mast climbing work platforms are issued for a period of 10 years, they are also valid for stationary platforms (changes from June 2020). It is a document valid throughout Poland, required when applying for employment in the profession of an operator of handling equipment. In our Center, you can also get qualifications for lifting platforms (self-propelled mobile platforms), mobile mobile access platforms and others subject to technical supervision.
  • Training for mobile platforms: price, dates, registration: we provide information by phone or e-mail to those who decide to participate in the training. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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