Courses for operators of aerial work platforms and scissor lifts (boom lift, scissor lift) abroad 

When choosing to work abroad as a lift operator (boom lift, scissor lift), it is worth taking care of the appropriate certificate

It is a training that allows you to acquire the knowledge needed to work in selected countries and to obtain a certificate necessary to find a job. It is conducted by accredited instructors of the Center, who teach in accordance with ISO MEWP 18878: 2013 standards and the guidelines of the OMHEC group (associating Norway, Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden).

The course includes a final exam. Those participants who pass it successfully receive a certificate in electronic form, valid for work at sea and on land.

Classes take the form of lectures and practical exercises on the maneuvering yard. The whole thing takes place at the headquarters of the Center in Warsaw, but those who cannot participate in them can complete the theoretical part in the form of e-learning.

Who can participate in the classes

The schedule of activities is arranged in such a way as to meet the needs of both people with no experience in working as an operator, and those more experienced. If you are already working as a lift operator and can show sufficient hours, you may be exempted from the practical part.

The requirements that we set for the participants of our trainings are: 

  • Age - over 18 years old
  • Education - at least basic
  • Health condition - we require a statement or certificate from a doctor that there are no health contraindications

Those who do not yet have a UDT qualification and would like to comprehensively prepare for a position as a mobile platform operator can take part in our other courses: course for mobile platforms.

What can be learned in training

Scissor lifts and boom lifts are lifts that are used abroad on construction sites, renovations and works on oil rigs.

Classes are conducted by experienced instructors of our Center. Participants have the opportunity to learn about the various types of lifts and their possible use, the construction of the components of the device, as well as the regulations and rules concerning safety, lift control, ensuring stability during work, and dealing with accidents and breakdowns. The knowledge of the lectures is supplemented during practical classes on the maneuvering yard.

How is the exam going

The exam is organized directly at the Center and is conducted by an accredited instructor. Participants answer questions in the form of a test, and then their practical skills are checked. One exam attempt is included in the course price.

Certificate and authorizations to work

The certificate is issued in electronic form and is valid for 5 years. You can use it when applying for jobs in the following countries:

  • Norway
  • Great Britain
  • Sweden
  • Denmark

With the authorization, you can perform work at heights: assembly, renovation, construction. The certificate is valid for work both on land and sea - also when working on drilling platforms.

If you would like to know the organizational details (dates, prices, conditions of participation) or register for the training, please contact the Center staff by phone or e-mail.


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