Scissor lifts - lifts service course

Scissor lifts are an example of slow-moving mobile work platforms

Scissor lifts - Lift trucks - they are small in size, with working platforms that can accommodate up to seven people, a reach of up to 30 metres, are efficient, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor work. These features make them widely used in construction, renovation and assembly work. By becoming qualified to operate these machines, you can quickly find employment. With a view to people planning to take the UDT exam, we have created a course providing the necessary theoretical knowledge and teaching how to operate scissor platforms in practice. The course programme complies with the UDT training requirements.

Information about the training

  • Objective of the course: preparation for passing the UDT exam and obtaining qualifications to practice the profession
  • For whom: for people who meet the minimum requirements (age 18, at least basic education, no health contraindications), with experience in working with lifts or without experience
  • The form of the course: open - for individual clients, training on specific dates and locations, closed - for corporate clients, only for a group of employees
  • Course of classes: stationary or online (theoretical part) + practical part with the use of machines

Details of the price increase courses (price, program, dates, place of classes) are provided to our clients after determining the training needs. Please contact us:

Training and qualifications to operate scissor lifts

Scissor lifts: devices with a boom on a chassis with wheels and a large work platformMobile platforms, which also include scissor lifts, are devices subject to technical inspection. This means that in order to be able to operate them, it is not enough to have knowledge and practical skills. It is necessary to confirm the qualification in the form of an examination. Exams are organized by the Office of Technical Inspection throughout Poland, in its branches. Passing the knowledge test and the practical exam gives the right to practice the profession for 10 years. These powers are valid in Poland and abroad.

Completing the scissor lift course is not synonymous with obtaining qualifications, but it is an effective preparation for the exam. The scope of the material complies with the UDT examination requirements, and the dates of classes are adjusted to the dates of the tests, so that the waiting time is as short as possible for the participants. Candidates for operators, in addition to participating in classes, can also prepare using materials on the course platform, including tests with sample questions.

Uplift operator - job opportunities at the course

The investment in UDT training and examination usually pays off very quickly. Lift operators are sought for almost every major investment. However, construction projects are not the only places where operators can look for employment. Scissor lifts are also used, among others, in:

  • High-bay warehouses and production halls
  • Installation and renovation of lighting
  • Cleaning windows and building facades
  • Installation of large-format advertisements

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