UDT training for rail crane operators and maintainers

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UDT course for rail-mounted cranes

We offer a comprehensive and professional course for operators and maintainers of rail-mounted cranes. We go to great lengths to ensure that our training courses are of the highest possible value and comply with the latest legislation, guidelines from the Office of Technical Inspection and the latest technical knowledge. We pride ourselves on the almost 100% pass rate of state examinations by our trainees. 

Training objectives 

Our rail crane qualification courses place emphasis on imparting the necessary knowledge regarding the construction, operation and maintenance of rail cranes. We are aware that, for people who want to work with this type of machine, knowledge of its construction and operation is crucial. Therefore, during our training courses, participants learn about the principle of operation of cranes, their components and how to maintain them. 

Another important aspect of our courses is learning how to operate or maintain cranes safely and in accordance with regulations. Occupational safety is a priority for us, which is why we ensure that participants in our courses have adequate knowledge of the safety rules for working with cranes. 

Last but not least, the aim of our training courses is to prepare you as well as possible for the state exam. We want the participants of our courses to have the right level of knowledge and skills to pass the state exam and be certified to operate or maintain rail cranes. Therefore, during our training courses, we prepare participants for the exam by providing them with the necessary knowledge and carrying out exercises and tests to test their skills. 

Programme of courses for the operator and maintenance of rail cranes 

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The following topics, among others, are covered during the training sessions: 

  • construction of rail-mounted cranes, 
  • mechanisms and their design and operation, 
  • the concept of device stability, 
  • load capacity and workload group, 
  • safe working conditions, 
  • hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical equipment, 
  • running tests of controls, protective devices and drive mechanisms, 
  • Correct operation of cranes - operator responsibilities before, during and after work, 
  • correct maintenance - maintenance duties, maintenance checks and repairs to electrical and mechanical parts, 
  • frequent breakdowns and failures, 
  • health and safety at work and first aid when operating the equipment, 
  • slings and handling aids, 
  • checking the operation of safety devices and brakes, 
  • practical activities. 

Requirements for a maintenance or rail crane operator candidate 

A person wishing to obtain a licence for rail cranes must have: 

  • 18 years old, 
  • minimum primary education, 
  • no medical contraindications to the occupation (we provide a referral to the occupational physician before the course). 

Conduct of the state examination 

The examination is conducted by a committee from the Office of Technical Inspection, which is responsible for assessing the trainee's skills. The examination consists of two parts. The first is the theoretical part, which is conducted in the form of a written test. Its purpose is to test the trainee's knowledge of regulations and standards relating to the maintenance or operation of rail cranes. The second part is the practical part, during which the jury tests the trainee's ability to maintain or operate rail-mounted cranes.  

After passing the exam, the trainee is awarded a licence to become a maintenance or rail crane operator. This qualification is valid for a period of 5 years, after which time it must be renewed by applying to the Office of Technical Inspection. The application for renewal must include relevant documents proving that the trainee still possesses the required skills and knowledge. 

Why take part in our training courses? 

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Our training is not just about imparting theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience. Thanks to the fact that our team has such a wealth of professional experience, trainees can count on sound advice and guidance to help them cope better with problems related to their profession. In addition, we offer post-training support so that our trainees can count on help if any questions or concerns arise. 

We want every student who comes to us to feel confident and safe during their training. That is why we offer a comfortable learning environment, equip the classrooms with modern teaching aids and provide an individual approach to each trainee. If you want to gain knowledge at the highest level, increase your qualifications and obtain certificates confirming your knowledge - we invite you to our training courses. We guarantee that after completing them you will be fully prepared for your profession and will increase your chances on the labour market.  

Other training and courses we offer 

We have a wide range of training courses for operators and maintainers:  

  • tower cranes,  
  • cranes,  
  • deck cranes,  
  • forklift trucks,  
  • railway cranes and on railway vehicles,  
  • telescopic loaders,  
  • stationary cranes,  
  • high-speed cranes, 
  • aerial work platforms,  
  • mobile and portable cranes,  
  • mobile cranes, 
  • scissor lifts. 

Other services we offer 

We also sell used and new equipment and provide stationary and mobile service: aerial work platforms, forklifts, cranes, scissor lifts and telehandlers. We also offer expert advice, assistance with the purchase of machines under technical supervision and audits. 

Take a look at our offer and contact us for more information on our UDT courses.  

We are happy to answer any questions and help you choose the right course. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for a rail crane operator candidate? 

A candidate for rail crane operator must be at least 18 years old, have a minimum of primary education and have no medical contraindications to the job. 

How valid is the licence for a rail crane maintainer? 

The licence for a rail crane maintainer is valid for a period of five years. To renew them, an application must be submitted to the Technical Inspection Authority. 

What topics are covered in courses for rail crane operators and maintainers? 

The topics covered in the courses for rail crane operators and maintainers relate to occupational safety, operation and maintenance of rail cranes. 

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