UDT training for mobile crane operators and maintainers

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Mobile crane course

KURSO training centre offers training for the position of operator and maintainer of mobile cranes and other equipment subject to the Office of Technical Inspection. We train specialists throughout Poland, with the possibility of arriving at the indicated address. Mobile cranes are most often used when handling heavy loads at height, during loading and assembly work. Operators and maintainers of this type of crane are highly sought-after employees on the labour market, thanks to which they can count on attractive salaries. In order to work as an operator or maintainer, it is necessary to complete the relevant training and pass a state examination before the UDT commission. We offer comprehensive courses on the rights to operate and maintain mobile cranes. 

Training programme for mobile cranes 

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Among the topics covered during the courses are: 

  • general information about mobile cranes, 
  • technical supervision of cranes, 
  • pan, tilt, lift and telescopic boom mechanisms, 
  • types of slings, 
  • the effectiveness of the correct operation of cranes, 
  • maintenance principles and the responsibilities of the conservator, 
  • security in cranes, 
  • the most common failures, 
  • First aid in the operation of mobile cranes and health and safety, 
  • construction and operation of crane components and assemblies. 

After the lecture class, the participant proceeds to perform practical tasks under the guidance of our specialists. 

The trainee will, during the practical sessions, become familiar with, among other things: 

  • safe operation, 
  • preparing the device for operation, 
  • carrying out practical tasks, 
  • carrying out repairs, 
  • maintenance of the equipment - applies to maintenance technicians. 

Requirements for the candidate 

A person wishing to take a course to become an operator or maintainer of mobile cranes must have: 

  • at least primary education, 
  • no medical contraindications to the occupation (we refer the candidate to an occupational physician for examination before taking the course), 
  • at least 18 years of age. 

Conduct of the examination 

The examination for both operators and maintainers is conducted before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection. It consists of a theoretical part (in the form of a written test) and a practical part, which takes place after the trainee has passed the theoretical part. After passing the theoretical part of the course, the trainee is awarded a certificate allowing him/her to work in this profession, which is valid throughout the European Union for a period of 5 years.  

If you wish to extend the validity of your entitlement, you must submit a corresponding application to the Technical Inspection Authority 3 months before the expiry of your current entitlement. 

Other courses and training we offer 

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We have an extensive range of training courses for maintenance and operators:  

  • deck cranes,  
  • cranes,  
  • tower cranes,  
  • forklift trucks,  
  • stationary cranes,  
  • telescopic loaders,  
  • railway cranes and on railway vehicles,  
  • track-mounted cranes,  
  • aerial work platforms,  
  • mobile and portable cranes, 
  • scissor lifts. 

Brief description of mobile cranes 

Mobile cranes are a crane mounted on a suitably reinforced truck chassis or on a purpose-built mobile chassis. Mobile cranes, commonly known as cranes, are made up of winches and a swivelling jib mounted on a rotating platform (column). This allows the load to be raised and lowered and moved by changing the boom and rotating the platform. The unit can operate in both transport and crane mode. Depending on the chassis on which the crane is mounted, a distinction is made between truck-mounted cranes, off-road wheeled cranes, crawler cranes and rough terrain cranes. 

Other services we offer 

We provide stationary and mobile service and sales of new and used UDT machines. We also offer assistance with the purchase of UDT equipment, expert advice and audits. 

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

How valid is the licence for mobile crane maintainer? 

The licence for mobile crane maintainers is valid for 5 years. To renew them, a special application must be submitted to the Office of Technical Inspection 3 months before the expiry of the licence. 

If I have an UDT certificate as a mobile crane operator, can I work in France? 

Yes, the Technical Inspection Authority certificate is respected by all countries belonging to the European Union. 

How much does a mobile crane maintainer course cost? 

The price of the mobile crane maintainer course is set on an individual basis. 

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