Training for operators and maintainers of railway cranes and on railway vehicles

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Course on railway cranes

Our company is a specialist facility that offers comprehensive courses for future maintenance and operators of railway cranes and on railway vehicles. Our training programmes are designed to ensure that our participants are fully prepared for their duties. 

Training programme for railway cranes and on railway vehicles 

The course covers topics such as: 

workers on a railway crane
  • information on technical supervision, 
  • construction of cranes, 
  • the concept of device stability, 
  • mechanisms and their design and operation, 
  • load capacity and workload group, 
  • hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic equipment, 
  • safe working conditions, 
  • running tests of safety devices, control devices and drive mechanisms, 
  • frequent breakdowns and failures, 
  • Health, safety and first aid in the operation of the equipment, 
  • correct maintenance - maintenance inspections, maintenance duties and repair of mechanical and electrical components, 
  • The correct operation of cranes - the operator's duties before, during and after work, 
  • checking the operation of safety devices and brakes, 
  • practical activities. 

Requirements for the candidate 

A person can become a participant in the course if: 

  • is of legal age (at least 18 years old), 
  • has at least a primary education, 
  • has no medical contraindications to practise the profession. 

Conduct of the examination  

The maintenance and operation course is essential for those who wish to become certified as a maintainer or operator of railway cranes and on railway vehicles. Upon completion of the course, the participant is ready to take the state examination, which consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. 

The theoretical part of the exam consists of solving a test that tests the participant's knowledge and skills in occupational health and safety, as well as the principles of operation and maintenance of railway vehicles. The practical part, on the other hand, consists of demonstrating one's skills in maintaining and operating railway vehicles in front of an examination board from the Office of Technical Inspection. 

After passing the examination, the participant receives an official qualification as a maintainer or operator of railway cranes and on railway vehicles. These qualifications are valid for 5 years and are recognised by employers throughout the European Union. 

Why take part in our courses? 

Our company boasts a high pass rate for the UDT exams. This is the result of the hard work of our instructors, who are highly knowledgeable and have many years of experience in the industry. Our trainers are specialists in their field and are always ready to help our trainees. 

railway crane

In our classes, we focus on quality and a substantive approach. Our courses are prepared with the utmost care and take into account all the necessary information and UDT requirements. We make sure that the training programmes are clear and easy to read, allowing our students to better understand the material and achieve better results. 

We want to provide our students with the best experience and help them achieve their career goals. That is why we are always open to suggestions and comments from our trainees. We strive to tailor our training to their needs. In our company, quality and commitment are our priority and the high pass rate of our UDT exams is a confirmation of our effectiveness. We are proud to assist our trainees in their professional development and provide them with the necessary tools and skills for success. 

Other courses and training we offer 

Our extensive training offer also includes courses for operators and maintainers:  

  • mobile and portable cranes,  
  • scissor lifts,  
  • deck cranes,  
  • telescopic loaders,  
  • stationary cranes,  
  • cranes,  
  • rail-mounted cranes,  
  • aerial work platforms, 
  • tower and high-speed cranes. 

Other services we offer 

We also provide mobile and stationary service and new and used sales:  

  • cranes,  
  • scissor lifts,  
  • forklift trucks,  
  • aerial work platforms, 
  • telescopic loaders.  

We also offer assistance with the purchase of machines under technical supervision, audits and expert advice. 

If you are interested in using our services, please contact us. 

Frequently asked questions

Who can take the railway crane operator and railway vehicle course?  

Participation in the course is open to anyone who is of legal age, has at least a basic education and has no medical contraindications to the profession. 

How valid are the qualifications for railway crane operator and on railway vehicles? 

Authorisations for railway cranes and on railway vehicles are valid for 5 years. In order to renew them, an application must be submitted to the Office of Technical Inspection for renewal of the authorisations.  

If I have an UDT certificate as a railway crane operator and on railway vehicles, can I work in Austria?  

Yes, certificates issued by the UDT are respected throughout the EU. You only need to apply to the office for a certificate in a foreign language.  

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