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Backhoe loader operation course

Our company organises the IMBiGS training course, enabling participants to obtain the qualifications needed to work as operators of working, construction and road construction equipment in the operation of all machines belonging to Class III of the licence. During the course, participants acquire the skills to drive a construction machine, learn the rules regarding its safe use and become familiar with the techniques used during earthworks. 

You will teach get:

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  • operate various types of backhoe loaders, 
  • control the correctness of his work on the backhoe loader, 
  • good organisation of their own work, 
  • effective communication with the team, 
  • direct the work of other colleagues, 
  • perform duties in a variety of weather conditions. 


The course is conducted in the form of theoretical and practical classes. All necessary training materials are provided. 


After completing the course, the participant takes an examination before a board of the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining. This consists of two parts.

  • The theoretical examination, which is conducted orally.
  • A practical exam in which the trainee performs two tasks. One is to make an embankment excavation and then backfill it, the other is to load the excavated material onto a loader bucket and transport it to another location. 

Once a participant has successfully passed the examination, he or she is certified as an excavator operator with a certificate and is entered in the working machinery operator's book. 

Popular manufacturers of backhoe loaders include: 

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  • Komatsu, 
  • CAT, 
  • Volvo, 
  • Hidromek, 
  • CASE, 
  • Caterpillar, 
  • New Holland, 
  • JCB, 
  • Kubota, 
  • Terex. 

Conditions of participation 

  • minimum age of 18 years, 
  • completed at least primary school, 
  • a state of health that allows you to work as an operator. 

Why you should trust us:

  • many years of experience in training, 
  • favourable appointments, 
  • an individual approach to each, 
  • qualified lecturers and instructors, 
  • assistance with all formalities, 
  • IMBiGS examination included in the course price, 
  • course materials included in the course price, 
  • high exam pass rate. 

Excavator operator courses 

We also provide preparatory training for excavator operators: 

  • single-head excavator operator course in class III specialisation, 
  • single-head excavator operator course in class I specialisation. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the backhoe loader operator exam like?

The examination takes place before a commission from the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining and is structured in two stages. The theoretical part is oral, and in the practical part you have to perform a task that demonstrates the skills you have acquired during your training. 

Who can sign up for the course?

The training is open to anyone who wants to become an excavator operator and meets the following conditions: being of full age, having at least a primary school education and being in good health to work in this profession. 

Do you also have courses for excavators?

Of course. We have both a single excavator operator course in specialty class I and specialty class III. 

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